Why Australian businesses should transition to e-docs right now

July 14, 2020

E-document technology has been offering great benefits for a few years now, but with the recent explosion in remote work due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there’s never been a better time for Australian businesses to take advantage of the technology.

E-docs make remote collaboration easy and provide huge cost savings, two things that are extremely important to Australian businesses right now. They also offer other important benefits which can help make any organisation more efficient and productive.

If Australian business embrace e-docs now, as well as helping ease the burden of Covid-19 restrictions, it will also put them in a better position as we start to go back to normal.

What are e-docs?

E-docs are any documents that can be managed, stored, collaborated on and distributed electronically, such as proposals, quotes, presentations, training documents and basically any other kind of document you can think of. E-docs are best managed through a dedicated and centralised platform, such as cloud-based platform PandaDoc.

The benefits of e-docs

E-docs make remote work much easier, with teams able to easily collaborate on shared documents stored in the cloud, and documents able to be delivered electronically.

PandaDoc e-docs have the ability to be easily signed electronically, making signing off contracts and invoices much easier with the current social distancing requirements.

Using e-docs can create huge savings on paper costs, as well as being much more efficient and better for the environment.

PandaDoc has impressive and easy to use proposal and template creation features, meaning you can easily create beautiful, profession client-facing documents and save them as templates to make creating proposals even more efficient. With templates, you can make sure all your documents look consistent and your brand is always presented professionally.

How Covid-19 has made using e-docs more important than ever

With almost all office-based businesses working remotely, e-docs can make things so much easier for businesses. There have also been changes to government regulations meaning e-signatures can be accepted as binding on many types of contracts that previously needed to be physically signed (these changes vary from state-to-state so double check the regulations where you live). So far, these changes are temporary, but there has been strong indication that they will be put in place permanently.

It’s obviously become much harder and riskier to deliver physical documents due to Covid-19. E-docs can be delivered instantly with no health risks.

With people still working on the same documents, but not able to work side-by-side, shared access to documents stored in the cloud has become extremely important. Software like PandaDoc makes this easier and incorporates built-in workflows to make collaboration even easier.

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We are huge advocates of PandaDoc as we strongly believe it is the best e-doc software on the market. We became a PandaDoc Certified Partner so we could help Australian businesses get the most out of the software with an expert implementation and seamless integration with existing systems for increased efficiency and productivity.

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