SharpSpring Email Marketing Automation

March 18, 2020

How SharpSpring’s Marketing Automation Tools Can Help Your Business Grow

Email marketing automation is an incredibly powerful tool that can save you countless hours with automatic sending of personalised emails at key moments in the buyer journey.

Email is a key tool in the digital marketer’s arsenal, but traditional ways of sending out eDM blasts are time consuming, use a lot of resources, and are often sent out too late – after a potential customer has lost interest in your business.

With SharpSpring’s CRM email automation software, you can make sure your prospects are sent personalised emails at key moments when your brand is front-of-mind and they are actively considering purchasing.

SharpSpring is the most affordable and best CRM and marketing automation software on the market in Australia.

SharpSpring – One Platform to Rule Them All!

How does SharpSpring email marketing automation work?

Setting up email automation in SharpSpring is simple with its easy to use tools – no coding or programming skills are needed.

The “what you see is what you get” visual email editor tool makes it easy for anyone to put together visually striking and engaging emails. Dynamic features, smart tags and custom merge tools let you easily add sophisticated personalisation to create highly relevant and targeted emails.

Automated triggers and smart mailing let you set up highly sophisticated data based automated emails, meaning your emails are received at the best possible times to maximise leads and conversions. Setup personalised emails to be sent on a wide variety of triggers and situations, such as contact form completion, shopping cart abandonment, after viewing a product page, or personalised thank you notes after a purchase is completed. The opportunities are endless and can be customised to work with your unique customer journeys.

Take advantage of SharpSpring’s integrated CRM, digital marketing and email automation tools

One of the best things about using email marketing automation with SharpSpring is linking emails directly with customer and leads data in the CRM.

Email audience lists are connected directly to the SharpSpring CRM, so you can easily segment and personalise emails based on your contacts and data in the CRM.

Create custom automated email marketing workflows designed to nurture leads and convert them into sales. Send out different emails along every step of the buyer journey to nurture leads all the way from initial awareness and consideration to purchase.

SharpSpring’s “after-the-click” behavioural-based email tracking also lets you track visitors’ activity on your website after they have clicked through from an email. This goes far beyond traditional email platforms and gives you a full overview of the email-to-website journey.

Integration with other digital marketing automation features such as dynamic landing pages, dynamic forms and lead identification tools makes SharpSpring one of the most powerful marketing automation systems on the planet – at a much more affordable price than other services.

Find out how SharpSpring’s email automation can give your business an edge

Envision Digital is a SharpSpring Gold Certified Partner and can work with you to seamlessly integrate SharpSpring with your existing systems and processes.

We will consult with you to identify the best opportunities for email marketing automation for your business, as well as helping you take advantage of the full range of SharpSpring’s CRM and digital marketing capabilities.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you implement SharpSpring to give you an edge over your competition.



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