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February 26, 2021
One of the biggest challenges being that bringing together a bunch of experts who are good with their hands means their admin skills might be less than favourable. Many companies often lose out on big jobs because of a root cause as simple as a lost or broken spreadsheet.


Reputations have taken a knock because technicians landed up at the wrong job. Conversion rates could probably do a lot better since quotes often end up being late and sales need some sharpening. And potentially the most frustrating aspect of all, cashflow often looks tight because invoices are late or money was lost on a job long after anything could be done.




Lucky for anyone who is facing any one of these challenges – it’s the 21st century and technology is transforming the way we get the job done. We would like to introduce you to FieldInsight, your manager with eyes on every project who connects every employee and keeps the entire organisation up to date and on top of operations. Imagine a scheduling system that allows you to plan maintenance schedules, site visits, callbacks, and repeat visits in one seamless space where you and your technicians can view everyone’s daily plan and availability while receiving notifications of updates. Imagine a management system that holds all your customer information along with your inventory and assets list.


FieldInsight Key Features

Imagine a streamlined process that allows you to quote and invoice on the same day and keeps track of payments by integrating your accounting software. Yes, all your technicians can download it as an easy-to-use app on their phone and yes, it even includes professional data templates so you can create proper safety documents and keep track of job feedback.

Expanding has never been easier. If you’re ready to elevate your operations and maximise your reputation then this is the solution for you.





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