FieldInsight March 2020 – What’s New, and What’s Coming!

March 31, 2020

FieldInsight March 2020

What’s New, and What’s Coming!

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FieldInsight have worked hard to add some awesome new features that you can use now!

What’s New

  • To-Do’s
  • Project Variation
  • T&C’s to Quotes, Invoices and Reports
  • Multi-Photo upload – Mobile App
  • Quote Reminder Messages
  • Daily Timesheets Approval
  • Asset Types
  • Asset Grid
  • Organise Safety Documents


What’s Coming

  • Client Guest Profile (Jobs and Timesheets)
  • Rate Quotes (Different Rates for Different Clients)
  • KeyPay Integration
  • Drag and Drop Workers into Jobs in the Schedule View
  • Client Daily Approval of Timesheets


To-Do’s (Scheduler’s New Task List)

There is a new link in the main navigation for To-Dos. This is a new task list designed to help schedulers creating a task list with small task that do not require a job. The tasks can be arranged in lists and marked as completed when done. They can also be assigned to a scheduler.



Project Variation

You can now create a project variation to compare different scenarios for a project. The variation works the same as a new project, except that it is linked to the original project and can be compared to the original project on the variations tab. The variation also have a variation number. Learn more about project variations


Add terms and conditions to Quotes, Invoices and Reports

PDF templates have been updated with an additional Terms and Conditions section. Add your terms and conditions in Settings templates. The terms needs to be added as an image file and will appear on a new page.



Multi-Photo upload – Mobile App

The Mobile App has been improved to allow multi-file uploading to help save time.  Simply take all the photo’s using your preferred mobile device and from the library select multiple items to upload.

PLEASE ENSURE YOU WAIT until all have been uploaded before navigating of that screen.  You can also select multiple files from the Scheduler view as well.

Quote Reminder Messages

The reminder messaging has been extended to support a Quote and Invoice follow up workflow. The messages are triggered by quote/Invoice status and time and can be sent to schedulers to remind them to follow up or to the customer. How to setup Quote Reminders


Daily Timesheets and approval flow

The new Smart Timesheets feature has introduced a new setting to select daily or weekly submission for timesheets and an approval flow where schedulers can approve or decline timesheets after they have been submitted. There’s no change to the existing timesheets functionality, but if scheduler’s click approve on a timesheet the technician will no longer be able to edit or add timesheets to the approved timesheet period.


Asset types

If you manage several different types of assets you can now sort them by type and assign tests to asset types.



Asset tests: Add a grid with colour coded answers

There’s a new type of Asset test question where you can add a grid with colour coded answers.


Organise your safety documents by type

Stay organised and add safety types to your safety documents. The documents can be searched in the office and in the field by type.



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